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  It’s Friday and I am having a great day, and lots of laughs. I was reminiscing about the time before I had a baby when I had hours to concoct hair masks and do deep conditioning treatments. Except… not all those experiments to grow, moisturize and soften my hair turned out to be relaxing and enjoyable. Some were quite awful…

   …Like the time I did an overnight sesame oil deep treatment. Sesame oil has a lot of minerals and proteins that promote hair growth, stops lice and dandruff and even prevents gray hair! So I warmed it up and put a plastic bag on my head and went to bed. Except I couldn’t sleep. The hot oil stunk. All I could smell for 8 hours was sesame, and it was just so pungent! Even after I washed it out vigorously in the morning, my hair smelled like a Chinese restaurant for a week. Now, every time I make a stirfry, I cringe.
    Then, there was the peanut butter hair mask that didn’t wash out as easily as I thought it would. The egg mask that fried in my hair and created an omelette with the coconut milk I had kept in for an hour. It was running down my face and when I looked in the mirror, my face was participating in a breakfast burrito.
   The worst however was the first time I did a amla powder hair mask. I applied the powder to dry hair and washed out. Or, at least tried to. For weeks I was shedding the green powder that was still stuck in my hair, no matter how much I tried to wash or comb it out. It was like sand. I realized afterwards I was supposed to make a paste with it first. Oh.