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  Have you ever had your hair so in point that nobody could throw shade? Have you ever felt so goddess gorgeous that you introduced yourself with the firmest handshake and finest smile? Yes, I swear, that is the power of your crown, your natural hair. The most beautiful and mysterious and versatile hair in the world.


   I love my hair and your hair! We had a snowstorm that shut down the city yesterday so I stayed home with my hair in plaits and woke up to luxuriously shiny side bangs with volume, volume and more voluminous volume.

    Generally, when I’m at home, my hair is in doo-doo plaits. But let me tell you about my bangs. I love bangs. They are flirty, fun and great at making your face symmetrical and slimmer. Who says Black women cannot have bangs? Or Black girls? Bangs are banging!



   I live in a place that tries to undermine my authority and existence, that tries to discredit my intelligence and beauty and does not care to open their minds and eyes to a culture that is different but rich, vibrant and beautiful. We must continue where our empresses and chiefs left off, so many thousands of years ago, we are the continuation of a legacy. Living. Breathing. Slaying.