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Ah, the good old college days. When I’d wear my hair natural, but if I wanted to look really pretty I’d don a wig. Why? The length? The straightness? What was wrong with my Afro hair?


I made a lot of mistakes in college. Eating broccoli with braces. Venti lattes and designer shades fit for royalty on a less than queenly budget. And wigs. I thought the only beauty belonged to those pretty long-haired vixens on the cover of TeenVogue. Heck, they even had Chanel Iman rocking bone-straight hair although I see from her Insta she’s a fierce curly girly!

But_20160220_010019.JPG now I see my own beauty, an authentic beauty that does not call for synthetic hair, lips or too much black kohl under the eyes. I knew this in college but I doubted myself. We probably all did. It’s a journey, where the path gets clouded and shrouded with distractions (try this hair lengthener! Use this gentle relaxer! Dye it blonde!) And it’s a journey our generation, us Xers and Yers are paving because we have the power. And we are uniting.