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   Did you comb his hair today?

   I will generally get a similar text message whenever I send a video or photo of my 2 year old to family.  2.


My son has beautiful, wild curls not a tangled, scary mess. His hair is like a grove of trees in a forest, entangled harmoniously and contentedly. I feel no reason to braid or slick my son’s hair back in a sleek ‘do, nor do I ever want to cut it. But I get serious backlash for my decision, especially from my family. I do get random Black folk who ask me if a comb can go through my son’s hair. And some White people think it’s “dirty”. I once seen a mom recoil in horror when her curious daughter touched my son’s kinky hai



    I tell my son every day his hair is beautiful. And he is special. He loves his hair. I love his hair. When I just leave it alone, it really has it’s own personality. Kids are supposed to have fun, make messes and explore. There will be a time my son will grow up and need to shave or groom his lion’s mane in the professional world, but I want to instil a love for his Blackness in him from a young age. This mane is here to stay. Sorry, grandma!