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   This is about banding. I’m here to say I’m a believer. Why I haven’t been banding my hair every night for years is beyond me!


  Banding is terrific for stretching hair, as a protective style and for creating unparalleled defined curls and waves! And it’s pretty simple, just add hairbands throughout the strands of your hair. For my son, I add the hairbands without twisting, but I twist my hair first as a protective style for bed. I haven’t done this in ages, but I will now that I basically cleared out the hairband section at the dollar store! Hehe.


There is nothing wrong with unstretched Afro hair, hair that has experienced shrinkage due to exposure to air, water, etc. Untouched Afro hair is like an art form on its own, there is a certain incredibility to it and a raw beauty to the one who wears it proudly (some of us shrink in horror at the idea of walking around with hair that has shrunk to 3x it’s regular length). But when we transform our hair and release the twists and bands, it’s like a sunburst. It is like a perfect cloud, on a perfect day. It is like magnificence in hair form. Let’s join together, fellow bandits, and take to the bands and the twists, which creates a giant, magnified pattern just like the millions of little ones on our beautiful heads.