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   This week I have run out of every moisturizer in my house as I wait impatiently for them to be delivered to my house. There is no Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil or even extra-virgin oils. My hair has gone into a brittle drought! It is very unhappy without the moisturizing, softening qualities of Shea or the healthy addition of coconut on my ends.

   So I ask you and myself, if you were on an island with only one product what would you bring?

   I choose Shea butter. There is no other product completely formulated to perfection for Black hair. Shea butter transforms my hair. It breathes life into my dry, choosy coils. It forgives when I neglect my hair care routine and restores what I damage, all too often! Yes, leave me anywhere in the world but give me my Shea!



  My favourite way to wear my hair is out and organic, leaving it to take on it’s natural free form. I am happiest with my hair crazy, disheveled and big. But this quickly dries out my hair, and my curls and coils are none too happy about my style choice. But when I first put Shea and then let it go cray, it retains so much more moisture. We are all looking to attain different looks and therefore different products will work for you. Some people are product junkies. Some (over here!) are product minimalists. What is YOUR favourite product?