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   It really doesn’t matter how much you love the person in the mirror; there will always be people who will dislike you simply based on the things you cannot change like your hair and skin. And my advice to you? Pay no heed to the naysayers!

   I began attending a church recently in the small, conservative town I now reside in. Despite church being a place for acceptance and love for each other, I have had noone talk to me or even offer a smile. If I speak to someone, they act as if I am speaking to air. I love Jesus, but discrimination does exist in church.

    And I cannot let it deter me because if I really took home all that negativity and dismay, I’d be so heavy hearted! Instead, I chose to sit right up front in the pews, smile, sing and go to Coffee Break where people give me awkward glances. When things are going rough, you must go harder. You must be resilient because nobody is going to congratulate you, compliment you or give you a break. Yet, you cannot  linger in bitterness.

    We have to be the best. Academically, socially and morally. We need humility where others have pride; kindness where there is hostility. And when we become the best version of ourselves, we must uphold a respect and loyalty to our Black people. We cannot eschew it all for the “prize” of a Caucasian spouse, a sports car and breakfasts of croissants at some trendy hotel rooftop café. Sure, indulge in these things if it brings you true happiness but Black excellency is rooted in a unity of all things intrinsically Black. It means self-love and self-respect. It means remembering where you came from.


   The next time I feel someone slight me or feel threatened by my presence, I will go out of my way to speak to them. It will annoy them, aggravate them, maybe even make them angry but, “Have a good day! God bless!” Kill them with kindness, slay with a smile. Happy Sunday, everyone!