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   Natural hair is so beautiful. It is an honour to wear these coils and kinks on my head. The best part of my morning routine is fixing my crown before I depart. And it’s made so much easier when your nighttime routine helps you achieve a shiny, gorgeous style for the next day!


   I never liked curlers much because they are tough to sleep on comfortably! But they do provide you with volume and defined curls. I think spring is the time to break out romantic curly ‘dos but since it isn’t warm enough in Canada yet for a wash n go, curlers (especially on individually twisted hair) are the way to go! I am lazy so I used curlers on freshly washed and Shea’d flat twists. Using curlers to boost and shape bangs or side bangs are also a very romantic, spring idea!

   Curlers in your hair is just a timeless beauty ritual. Curlers are a staple in every curly girl’s arsenal for defined curls. As I have 4A type hair, my curls are not easily defined by themselves and giving them a boost gives me a boost.
    Curls. Coils. Kinks. Our hair is beautiful and amazing. It is not to say it doesn’t have challenges. Every hair type does. But once we embrace the good with the bad, it’s so easy to see that there is so much good! Oh, it’s so good and it feels good to be natural and wear your hair proudly! Now go turn some heads.