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   The children of naturalistas are lucky these days. They didn’t have to grow up in the dreaded era of relaxers (yes, those “no lye” kids ones that still burned) or exclusively flaxen haired Barbies. Imagine what our hair would look like if we were natural from birth? I know right.



  Well, that was my goal with my son. My motto is: if he can eat it, it can go on his skin/hair. I didn’t buy into the kiddie natural hair product scheme out there. Kids need very little in their hair. All I use right now is a spray bottle of distilled water and coconut oil, and his tresses are happy as ever!

    My son is Afro-Iranian and I believe that Ayurvedic haircare works fine for him because it’s all-natural and suited for the finer texture of Indian type hair. Ayurvedic haircare alone wouldn’t be moisturizing enough for my hair, but it’s a welcome additio



     Some of the best Ayurvedic herbs for my son is neem oil, shikakai, and bhringraj. I usually find these in the Indian stores mixed with coconut oil. It smells great. Amazonian murumuru butter is very moisturizing too, and a lot cheaper than buying a name-brand hair lotion or cr



    For special days when I do need my son’s hair done up like family holidays or an opera show, I use aloe vera gel. He uses 5 or less ingredients in his hair. As a baby I washed his hair with a tiny dab of Dr. Bronners castille soap once a week.


   Now, I do use a lot of SheaMoisture’s Grow and Restore condish on his hair, but I am happy with the ingredients list. Not everyone is about the natural, curly wild hair. Depending on how you style your kid’s hair, maybe more or different products will work for you but my advice is: start minimally and with edible, natural products and then find solutions with packaged products if need be!