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Today is Day 3 of my No Makeup Challenge and I spent it volunteering at the bike shop and reading Huey P. Newton’s autobiography: Revolutionary Suicide, which is so brilliant that I have been rereading and highlighting the shit out of this goldmine of a book.

  I cannot believe that only this year I’m learning about who Assata Shakur and Newton, Bobby Seale and others are. The system in Canada has suppressed information about the Black revolution and Black Consciousness from Black people. What do they have to fear if we are liberated? Let us take care, uplift and empower our own and be integrated and celebrated equally in society. I cannot find any books about Black Consciousness in libraries. We did not learn anything about what Black empowerment and unity can look like in our Catholic and public schools. Usually, school was just a pipeline to send certain vulnerable Black youth (including myself) into the prison and foster care system.

  But, I digress. I took off my makeup and put on my armour. Social justice is not a pretty fight. But when I think of the corruption and racism that is integrated in every part of the system, I know I cannot sit quiet. When I think of all the Black boys who have been killed, or whose lives have been damaged by drugs or gangs; I think of my innocent baby boy and I do lie in my bed and weep. We all should. It’s not about one of us getting ahead. It’s about all of us living consciously and free.



   My hair is part of my armour. It truly is. I feel strength in my Blackness. I feel liberated when I walk through the busy streets with my Afro or my hair up high. Nobody told us Black is beautiful. This isn’t the mainstream message. We were to be crippled by our oppression, now we can wear it like a armour because we know it can’t stop us. We shall overcome.