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   I have begun endeavouring into black female feminist theory that has been made possible by the amazing, anarchist Blue Heron Book & Zine that has shelves of books on feminist, black empowerment, anarchist and gender studies material from Angelou to Ho Chi Minh.
   I’m half way through Bell Hook’s “Ain’t I A Woman?” and I’ve felt emotions from rage, disbelief, grief and sorrow. I consider myself an activist, but she has helped unveil so many truths. Like, ohhh, that’s why I had this racist or sexist experience; and this is an explanation of the history of that experience. Racism hurts, but I like to think if I’m focusing on mending the wound; I won’t notice the sting so much. Hooks helps me analyze the origins of the wound to better care for and mend it.

   I have focused so much on experiencing racism, it never occurred to me to explore the roots of sexism until recently. Nobody has endured as much as the plight of the Black woman, and nobody stands as much to gain because we are the key to dismantling White patriarchal society and racism. I don’t know how yet, I have a stack of Hooks, Morrison and Newton to read, but a part of me suspects that (as Hooks has deliciously hinted) bringing Black and White women together (and all other races of women) against White male patriarchy can only be beneficial for progress.