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   Nobody blinks an eye in the city when a girl or woman walks by sporting a wash n go or a cute TWA. Even in my hometown, Black girls are definitely pushing the boundaries of what natural hair is capable of with all sorts of creativity ranging from shaved sides, purple streaks or an awesome textured Mohawk to their places of work and study.

   And today I had to smile because in the small town I reside in, I seen 8 little naturalistas at my son’s daycare. There is the African toddlers with their fierce twist outs and bows, the cute biracial redhead with the ponytail and the baby with the big ‘fro. I have never seen so many young  queens and kings rocking their wonderful textures hair in one place! These kids stand out on the playground with their beautiful, unique hair. It is unique because between the African siblings, the Jamaican, the 3 biracial kids, and my own curly haired boy….none of the hair textures are the same. And each and every head is as beautiful as the next. Big hair, bigger dreams. Watch out world!