For the last few days my hair has been a dried up desert. It feels like a dry cactus and ready to shrivel up and die, despite my every desperate effort to drown it in coconut oil CPR. Even my trusty Shea butter cannot revive this lacklustre, weightless  skeleton of a hair.

   I realized that it is the weather. It is time to put away all the heavy oils and bring out the humectants! My hair needs moisture, just like the thirsty plants growing outside. I need lotions, creams, butters. Honey, aloe, molasses. It’s leave-in conditioner and gel time!

   I spent a good hour studying different ingredients labels and when I’m almost certain I’m ready to click and buy a product, I find a suspicious ingredient. Trial and error tells me that me and beeswax don’t get along. I don’t want anything with sulfates, parabens and chemicals or fake fragrances. Essential oils, hasn’t anyone heard of those? So I’ll have to make a big bucketful of heavy hair cream for my dry savannah. Ironically, my son’s hair, which has a looser curl is doing terrific in this weather while it suffered all winter long.



  I’m going to take this basic recipe I Googled and add a few more ingredients including nettle, rosemary, mint, jojoba oil, aloe Vera juice and Moringa. A nice, heavy cream is what is needed to breathe life in my parched coils. It’s also time to do the water spritz bottle and honey hair masks.

    Natural hair can drive you crazy if you forget it is always changing and has needs too. Rather than give up, adapt. And you’ll have happier coils and kinks in no time!