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  I have been so focused on women’s hair that I never really noticed men’s natural hair before. Today, while perusing Black and bearded dragons on Tumblr, my eyes were opened to the beauty of natural men’s hair, and some really artistic fades. I was looking for inspiration to shape up my son’s hair a bit, and came across beautiful, Black men with thick, kinky coils shaped to perfection.

   Lord, have mercy. I hope, hope that sporting at least a few inches of magnificent coils are the new thing because these  kings look great. Our hair is so versatile and men generally go out in Bantu knots and twisted chignons, do they? So we women should be applauding and encouraging Black men to display their natural hair in forms other than the same old braids, Du-rags or short hair fade.


  Our hair products need to start featuring men on the bottles and jars, not just Black women. Our blogs need to start covering the issues and styles of men. Our hashtags need to be inclusive, too. Our vision of Black masculinity needs to be expanded, and we can use our rediscovery of our natural, Afro hair as a way to reconnect. So, brothers, you look great. Like fierce lions. Keep doing you. We are noticing.