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   I’m a busy, on-the-go mom and I don’t have all the time in the world to elaborately style my hair every day. And in an effort to rehabilitate my dry hair and promote hair growth, I’m going to keep my natural hair in twists for the week, untwisting it the day before  Wash Day to wear a twist-out, then start all over. It is a great way to help hair grow fast, without much effort!

  1. First, I washed my hair to start off fresh with III Sisters of Nature shampoo and Allafia Black Soap to cleanse my hair gently, particularly the scalp.


  2. After washing my hair, I made a DIY deep conditioner. I did not have honey on hand but I had organic blue agave nectar which is also an amazing humectant. The polysaccharides in the agave nectar make it perfect for drawing moisture in during warmer months.
   I added it with coconut milk, coconut oil, a teaspoon of Castor oil and III Sisters of Nature conditioner. Because it is so runny, I have to sit still, mopping my face and neck with a towel for 30 minutes but it’s wor









   3. My hair is super soft and moisturized and ready for detangling before I wash all this deep conditioner out of my hair. I brush Shea butter into my hair and use a touch of gel to form rope twists in my hair. I can feel the revitalization and health restored in my hair immediately. I attribute it mostly to coconut milk. Perhaps my hair just needs that protein! No deep conditioner should be complete witho


ut coconu

t milk!

4. After I twist it, I put flexirods to elongate the hair, and add a silk bonnet while home to hold in moisture. Now, I’m ready for my rejuvenating hair vacation, giving my hair a much needed break from daily stress and boosting growth and suppleness. It is also a great time to reflect on and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of African hair, in all


its forms.