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  Every natural hair gal has to get creative in the hair department sometimes. Maybe you ran out of shampoo on Wash Day, or wondered if (insert food ingredient) would be a savvy hair elixir. Well, I too, have found out the hard way that some things work better than others. *Note: I have 3C/4A hair!


1. When you run low on condish.
This happens to me all the time, and I live in a tiny, rural town. I can’t just run out and buy some TGIN. Luckily, I keep an emergency stash of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration on hand, and a can of coconut milk. In the event of a snowstorm or something, these get the job done!

2. It’s Splitsville on my ends.
I hate split ends, who doesn’t? It hijacks any effort to grow Afro hair out. I can lose months of growth to split ends! To keep this under control, I apply coconut oil to my ends at night and wear a silk bonnet. Coconut oil is the best sealant, IMO, for stopping split ends. Once a month I use henna and an egg for a protein treatment, which is also super cheap!

3. Soft hair is sweeeet.
Very sweet, I found out, when I used maple syrup in lieu of honey (melted with olive oil). Molasses is great too, but being a pancake lover, I generally have syrup on hand. It really softens and adds shine to hair…just be sure to wash it  out. well with warm water.

4. Clean scalp, look to the trees.
While beginning the process to loc my son’s hair in May, I had to find ways to keep his scalp clean without washing his hair and learned a spray bottle with tea tree oil, ACV and water helped keep his hair smelling and feeling clean until Wash Day, which was generally tea tree oil and ACV with Black Soap Shampoo.

5. Glow from Within (the Pantry)
This is a face tip, not hair. But I thought it was worth sharing. Bronzer is super expensive but there is nothing like the illuminative effects of it on golden, melanated skin. So, when mine finished, I started doing turmeric face masks 3x a week for a natural glow. I just slap some on dampened skin and it really does make your skin illuminate. Also, the powder is slightly abrasive so you get a good exfoliating effect as wel



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