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   Our natural hair is so beautiful, African hair is just divine! It truly is a crown; as diverse, resilient, ever-changing yet unyielding as our African spirit. It takes patience and love (and a lot of detangling!) to give our crown the opportunity to show us what we are searching for: our African beauty in its pure form, as we finally embrace our kinks and curls.

   Embracing my natural hair is easy for me. But it doesn’t always embrace me back. Sometimes I leave the house feeling like my hair is on point, only to come back home with a completely different looking hairstyle. Natural hair, you nah easy. Yet, despite the kinks in figuring out what works and what doesn’t…there is far much more to gain in being humble and learning from what grows out of our head. By giving it time to develop a voice and talk to us, so we can look in the mirror and see the  queen within, so we can radiate and melanate our natural, African glow. From head to toe. From the crown to the sole. Our soul. Our past, present and future.

  And, it doesn’t hurt to use Cantu. This condish is BAE. <3.