Alert the Black haircare media! You can grow your hair for free! I’ve been working out for 2 weeks, like seriously cycling on my bike now between 80-100km a week and doing sit-ups and pushups, etc and combined with the fact I have no air conditioning or fan, -.- I’ve been in a perpetual sauna for the last few weeks. But all this damn sweat is keeping my hair soft and helping it grow!

  Sweat unclogs pores in the scalp and keeps the red blood cells flowing so you have new hair growth and healthy sebum production as it creates circulation. However, sweat can be harmful to your hair too. After a serious sweat session on my bike, I apply tea tree oil to my scalp to kill  bacteria. I’ve also begun to wash my hair every 5 days instead of every 7 and use  apple cider vinegar for clarification. Because sweat is still gross. But I cannot deny that it has made a difference in the last few weeks.