IMG_20160813_143300It’s a bit annoying to me that I have a natural hair blog, and I’m still uncomfortable about wearing certain African styles in public like twists. I would add Bantu knots, which are beautiful, but if I were to try to execute that style, I’d embarrass myself. So, I stick to twists, mainly inside my house.

I am trying to get over my fear of what people think about me and if they think my hair is ugly or of less value than their tresses. African hair is beautiful, and African hairstyles are worthy of admiration and respect along with chignons and buns and angular bobs. Like many women, I take pride in my hair. And I’m very proud to be African. Combining the two should be natural.

It’s a struggle to gain the confidence to rock twists in public, but I am trying. Dominant culture would have us hate our skin, our nose, our lips, our shape, our hair. Ourselves. Self-love is a strong weapon. I’m trying to shed my white mask and walk the walk, not just talk the talk. There’s no freedom otherwise.