So, in Canada, it basically feels like winter past 6pm. Like, we were wearing shorts last week, now I’m pulling out my Aritzia hoodies.  In other words, it’s dry + flaky season for skin and hair. Ick. I don’t know if you know but flaky hair is not sexy, it looks like you have the exoskeletal remains of a spider shedding out of your head. Again, not sexy. And dry? Well it’s that dryness that’s got you having the Flakes, and I don’t mean Corn Flakes.

So, goodbye humectants. Goodbye flax gel, aloe and honey. Heller to oils on oils and oils. I love using thicker oils in the winter time because applying aloe and honey is messy. Winter haircare also means less frequent washing because less sweat and product use. From October-March it’s toque season, anyway so read that as protective style season. 

Best cold weather hair savers? Castor oil, eggs (for protein), coconut oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil for the Flakes. See ya hair milk, Welcome back hair butters!