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  I am challenging myself to, once and for all, shed my identity created and shaped by Western ideology; and to embrace African ideologies and principles. My mind and soul is in Africa, but my body is in Canada. Why should we be competing with the makers of Western culture instead of experiencing the authenticity of our own culture because the bottom line is we are Africans outside of Africa. We are Africa’s lost souls, and we need to reconnect with Mother Africa. If you put on a headscarf and an African dress, do you look any different than a sister in Ethiopia or Nigeria? No. Because we are all one.

   It is not an easy thing to aspire to, but I challenge you too whether you are at school, working or a combination of the two… rediscover what looking more like an African, and less like a European/American/North American looks like. I cannot even shop at the mall anymore, I do not see anything there that is representative of my culture. Zara. H&M. Urban Outfitters. Do we all really want to look like a manufactured Western ideal or do we want to reach higher and awaken the divine power within us. Do we want to operate on a higher level, do we want to be peasants and followers; or empresses and leaders? Analyze your life, there is always a Western idea lurking…banish it. Operate higher. You are worth so much more.