20160926_073204.jpgWhen I began to pay attention to Afrocentric attire, this occurred in the warn months of summer which coincides with the weather on the Motherland continent. However, there isn’t any snow in West Africa and there’s tons of it here in Canada! I wondered how to evade Western culture during the cooler months of autumn and winter and came up with a few ideas for the empresses in the Northern parts of the world.

1. Continue to headwrap. Not only does it keep your head warm, but you can opt for autumn and winter colours like maroon, black or aubergine prints instead of bright summer Kente prints. I coordinate a dark pink wrap with my magenta Betsy Johnson coat. When in doubt, look to Lupita for inspiration!

2. Add African prints to basic clothing. If you buy a yard of fabric and sew it onto a pocket of a sweater or coat, you’ve just turned a basic Eurocentric attire into something more Afrocentric, particularly when worn with a crown! Thank me later. 

3. Wear your bright Kente print dresses and skirts under your coat. A pop of African print in the dreary winter is refreshing!

4. Let the accessories shine! Printed scarves, earrings and necklaces can take a basic North American wardrobe back to the Motherland.

5. Layers: I’m pretty sure layering up in beautiful tunics, scarves and cardigans and crowns is another way to get your Bedouin vibes on, I always throw an embroidered kurta on top of my son’s turtleneck. Just size up to fit a long sleeve item under