So, I’m in love with bantu knot hairstyles. It epitomizes African creativity and aesthetics, and is a unique style all of our own. But damn–it’s not easy to slay. I am not a tactile person. I can barely put the couch pillows together the right way on the first (and second) try, much less attempt this elaborate hairstyle! But I’m not giving up until I have thick, sturdy Bantu knots that look proper, and not like melting candle wax. :/


I want to thank social media for all the beautiful Black women who are embracing natural hair! Without that network of sisthren, I don’t think I’d have reached a consciousness of how exclusive and exquisite African hairstyles are. I certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to rock something as Afrocentric as Bantu knots if it weren’t for the trailblazers before me, and of course, our sisthren in the Motherland who we can always turn to for influence and insight into creating that African identity out here, and remembering who we are.

Eris the Planet on YouTube (photo above) makes Bantus look effortless. *side eye*. here is the link to check out her pretty style. And who doesn’t love Bantus? They are unapologetically African, a protective style and creates a second style when you’re done with the knots (the pretty Bantu knot-out).