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Black people are art, and our beautiful melanin skin is the ultimate canvas. We are always being plagiarized,  muted, and whitened but each one of us are a masterpiece and together, we make an original collection.

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As our Black collective image evolves, there is so much fluidity and room for expression. We are the most unique beings on the earth. We are magic. There is nothing that we can do with our hair that can be considered wrong. There is no shade of skin that is too black, too ochre, too mahogany. Whatever the skin type, whatever the hair curl pattern or coil, whatever the thickness of the hips or the lips; we are walking art. The person who was holding the paintbrush was trying to paint over us, now we are holding the paintbrush. I see our true colours shining through.  You do you, be you. Be weird. Be emotional. Be angry. Be happy. Be Black, and know, there is no wrong way to be Black. There is nothing that can define you, but you. Create your own identity and look in the mirror at the canvas of your divinity, or the powers you possess. Our hair is art. Our skin is art. Everything else is just a backdrop to our phenomenal being.