Essential oils are definitely an investment, given the price tag for some of those decadent little jars but oils are a luxury. Pampering ourselves with these precious oils is something we should carve time out for and enjoy! We deserve it!

I’ve always wanted to try essential oils but was deterred by their price but I decided to delve into it this past winter when my hair was in a desperate situation for a hot oil treatment. I added rosemary oil to the mix and it made a big difference mixed with jojoba. My favourite aspect of essential oils is the natural fragrance. It’s like hair therapy!

If you vie for the super glossy curls that are popping up all over the Gram, then chamomile oil would be a great addition for high sheen and lustrous looking hair. A little goes a long way and adding a few drops to your conditioners or butters, or rubbing it throughout your hair before you leave the house gets the job done.

I always go overboard with peppermint oil and my head smells like mint for days. Some people love it, I think it’s ‘meh’ but it’s worth a try to stimulate blood flow to your scalp!

Bay oil is also really great and when used with sage and lavender, smells amazing. All three are very healing for the scalp and promote hair growth. Bay oil is something I grew up with because it comes from my island Dominica so my grandmother cooks with bay leaves, rubs bay rum on my stomach when I’m sick and uses the antiseptic oil for cleaning.

So you get big bang for your buck with essential oils because you can use them for a myriad of things. I put a few drops in cleaning supplies, shampoos and conditioners, body lotions and Shea butter, in a carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil, in a diffuser after cooking curry! You can also use it for massage and pain. Please add other essential oils you like, I know there’s quite a few out there!