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In December, Vibe predicted natural hair would be a big trend in 2017. Which doesn’t really make sense. It’s our hair. That would mean being ourselves may not be as cool or avant-garde in 2018 or 2019? It would be helpful if they delved a little deeper and reported some cool new cuts or styles for natural hair that will be on point in 2017. I’m sure when a magazine talking about white women’s hair discusses new trends they don’t just say “European hair a trend this year!” Our collective hair journeys are not about running from bell bottom jeans to skinny jeans to high waisted jeans. It is about jumping from repression, from the devaluation of Black femininity to shaping our identity as modern Black women and embracing our own roots.

So is natural hair still a trend in 2017? If it is, good, because maybe once more women with Afro hair get on the bandwagon they will realize that they had something beautiful and unique all along–and they can flaunt it 24/7 and 365! Except…maybe on wash day. 😉