Yay! It’s the first days of spring…although you could’ve thought otherwise with the layer of snow on my porch *side-eyeing Canada* but it’s really just a matter of weeks for paisley dresses with leather moto jackets…and moisturized Afro hair! Spring is the time our hair shines! The weather is perfect–full of moisture and just enough warmth and sun to bless us all–not like summer when it scorches us, or winter when it sucks the life out of our tresses.

My hair has been a mess in the last few weeks because of the warm-cold weather mix up. I used Aloe Vera gel but then it was -17 again, so I quickly brought out the jojoba oil and my hair just shriveled up into a stubborn ball looking like a possum on my head. Now, it’s behaving as it acclimates to the temperatures and I douse it in water, a touch of leave-in Cantu and some rosemary-jojoba-EVOO. Before I leave my house, I run homemade flax seed gel through my hair because if I don’t my hair turns into a shapeless ball of frizz. It has no weight and it’s dry AF. But the flaxseed attracts moisture and gives it weight, giving my curls life and bounce naturally.

So why humectants? And I encourage brothers to run some of this instead of Dax through their hair because dry desert hair from winter isn’t a thing you need to deal with in spring 2017!

Humectants minimize water loss in your hair and help alleviate natural hair problems like frizziness and split ends associated with humid weather. Some natural humectants you can use are honey or agave nectar in a hair mask, hydrolized silk protein in a hair spray, panthenol in your condish, or glycerin.

I personally love using 100% aloe vera gel in my hair (you can scrape and strain the aloe plant or buy an aloe gel that’s 99% aloe). Glyercin and water in a spray bottle is also a go-to, although I use glycerin sparingly and of course, flaxseed gel is the best thing in the world for naturals.

Flaxseed gel is anti-inflammatory, affordable and contains vitamin E, it’s nourishing with omega-3s and helps promote hair growth plus it’s all natural. Plus it can help reduce dandruff and dry scalp while your hair is transitioning from winter to spring!