I love how women of other cultures talk and bond so easily, even if they don’t know each other.  I have such a strong yearning to get to know my Black sisters. Sometimes my smile is reciprocated,  sometimes I get blank states. I usually say hello, sometimes they just walk by me like I’m a ghost.

We have been rewired to hate each other, distrust each other and be suspicious of each other instead of upholding our sisters and being welcoming, supportive and kind. I do feel intimidated by approaching some Black sisters. Maybe others feel intimidated by approaching me.

But we need to swallow our pride and get the healing ball rolling. We need to start by saying hi. We need to introduce ourselves,  offer (genuine)  compliments and seek out our sisters. I’m not saying don’t have white, Asian, Latino, Arab friends. But you should hold your African sisters in the highest esteem,  treating her like the queen she is…because she is a reflection of you.