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Thank goodness there is an endless resource of natural products to use in our beautiful, thick Afro hair. And who knows what waits to be discovered next?

Well, today, I’m here to discuss adding powders as a hair mask. You can make a paste using yogurt, goat or coconut milk, or even plain water (oils like coconut oil work well too). You can make it as thick or as thin as you prefer.

So what powders are beneficial for African hair?


Turmeric is a cheap powder you can find easily and is a great anti-bacterial, dandruff-fighting powder thanks to its high levels of curcumin. This orangey-yellow powder promotes hair growth by counteracting hair loss. It’s also staining so find a way to protect your vanity while applying it in front of your mirror and wipe any that falls immediately! The results will be worth it.


You can use ginger powder in a hair mask! It’s a powerful spice that can promote hair growth, reduce hair loss and makes your hair soft and shiny. Thrown in a tablespoon or two to your regular hair mask for great-smelling action.


Triphala powder is a bit more expensive. I found some at the health food store for $7.99 but it smells earthy and lovely, and prevents hair loss. It is also full of nutrients and contains three ingredients: amalaki (amla), haritaki and bibhitaki. Amla is a very nourishing Ayurvedic herb and can be purchased separately. It’s usually a pale green and has a similar aroma to that of Triphala. Amla is known as the “superfood for hair”. It is known to add thickness and shine to hair, and has a high concentration of amino acids and antioxidants including quercetin and gallic acid and contains about 17x more antioxidant power than pomegranate. It’s worth a try! (Side note: I notice amla loosens my curls. Great to try before a Wash ‘n’ Go!)


Mixing cinnamon and honey is a well known hair remedy for hair growth as its meant to stimulate the scalp. To make the mask easier to apply, add olive oil.


This is the powder of the Pimento Officinalis tree berries. It is antiseptic and promotes hair growth. All spice will open up your blocked pores in the scalp to help oil get through. Using this before a hot oil treatment is beneficial. Using all spice will also remove bacteria from your scalp and hair. It also smells wonderful with the aroma of cinnamon, cloves and juniper.


Another nourishing Ayurvedic hair powder that can be used with other great hair powders like Neem, Amla or Tulsi.