20171007_121003.jpgI tried out the method of soaking my dampened ends in castor oil to strengthen the oldest part of my hair and reduce troublesome split ends. I decided to leave it in for 20 minutes and let it soak in for the rest of the day  (without washing it out). You could do it at night but I didn’t want to ruin my pillow cases.

It is the start of week 4 of my twist challenge and there’s only 5 more months to go! I’ve grown so accustomed to having my hair twisted all the time ,  it’s actually a bother to have it untwisted .  I have noticed keeping it twisted lends to a looser curl pattern and definitely retains length noticeably! My goal is just to have shoulder length hair so I can enjoy a few more inches of growth and have more hair for my buns and ponytails :).